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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

If you are experiencing violence, or being threatened with violence, there are ways to protect you and/or your children.

You can apply for a Restraining Order in Family Court if you are concerned for yours and/or your children’s safety and you were married or lived together with the other party or have a child together. A Restraining Order will limit what that individual can do, where she/he can go and who he/she can contact. For instance, the Order is likely to forbid this individual from being within 500 meters of your home, place of work or your child’s school. Breaching a Restraining Order is a serious crime. 

You can apply for a Restraining Order in Canada without the involvement of a lawyer; however, it is highly recommended for you to seek the assistance of an experienced Family Lawyer especially if your matter involves children and parenting arrangements. You may also require assistance where your matter is urgent and you need a Restraining Order urgently on with or without notice Motion. 

At Noori Law, we have extensive experience in this area and would love to help you feel safe again. Contact us for a consultation today!

person makes stop sign with its hand to protect themselves. As a trusted family lawyer in Etobicoke we are here to make you feel safe again through a solid restraining order.