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How To Remarry After A Divorce? 

How To Remarry After A Divorce? 

How To Remarry After A Divorce? 

Finding a new partner after a divorce can be fun and exciting. It’s a chance to start fresh and build a new life with someone special. In all provinces across Canada, you can remarry after a month of the divorce’s issue. Before you give marriage another chance, there might be things you have to take care of legally and financially. 

How to remarry in Ontario? 

In Ontario, you can remarry as soon as your divorce is legally finalized. This means that once the court issues a Divorce Order and the 31-day appeal period has passed, you are free to remarry.  You must present your official divorce certificate when applying for a marriage license. Here are some other things to consider before remarrying:

1. Check if you are ready emotionally 

If you ask yourself questions like – Should I seek counseling before getting remarried? Or Do I want to give another person more time in my life? then you are not ready to remarry. Only if you feel secure, have resolved past issues, and are ready to commit fully, you are likely ready.

Counseling can help address unresolved emotions and prepare you for a new relationship. If you feel the need, you can ask your partner for couples counseling, so you can express your concerns and clear them constructively. 

2. Protect your finances 

You might have commitments from previous marriage or personal life including spousal support, child support, personal loan, and student loan. You may want to draft a prenuptial agreement and set up a trust fund for your kids. Update your will, insurance policies, and retirement accounts. Talk to your future spouse and make sure they get their own legal representation. 

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3. Impact on children 

If you have children from a previous marriage, their well-being should be a priority. Introduce your new partner gradually and ensure they build a positive relationship with your children. Your kids might have concerns about the new marriage, so make sure to be open and answer them honestly. 

4. Blending Families

Establish clear rules and boundaries and ensure all children feel valued and included. Discuss parenting styles and disciplinary methods with your new partner to avoid conflicts. It will be difficult in the beginning, especially if your kids are in their teenage years. Remember, they are naturally rebellious during those years, so stay patient and give them their space. Younger kids are easier to manage. If your kids have already moved out, they are old enough to understand how relationships work and will be happy for you.

Separated but Not Divorced? When Can You Remarry?

In Ontario, separation alone does not grant you the legal right to remarry. You must be legally divorced to enter into a new marriage. Separation means you and your spouse live apart and consider the relationship over, but legally, you are still married.

During the separation period, you can negotiate terms of the divorce, such as property division, child custody, and support arrangements. However, these agreements need to be formalized through the divorce process. Once the court issues a Divorce Order, there is a 31-day appeal period. 

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